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Lada Vosejpková

Born in 1970 in Plzeň, Czech Republic

Professional Education:

1984-1989 School of Applied Art in Turnov, department of goldsmithing and silversmithing
1993-1995 School of Applied Arts in Turnov, depatment of grinding and engraving of precious stones

Individual Exhibitions:

1995 Praha (Czech Republic)
1996 Frýdek-Místek (Czech Republic)
1997 Malmö (Sweden)
1998 zámek Kozel (Czech Republic)
1999 Aš (Czech Republic)
Jindřichův Hradec (Czech Republic)
2000 Jindřichův Hradec (Czech Republic)
2001 Čáslav(Czech Republic)
České Budějovice (Czech Republic)
2002 Aš(Czech Republic)
Jindřichův Hradec (Czech Republic)
2003 Plzeň (Czech Republic)
2005 Hradec Králové (Czech Republic)
Jindřichův Hradec (Czech Republic)

Participation in Exhibitions:

2001 Hanau ”13. Silbertrienale” (Germany)
Nimes ”Biennale du Bijou” (France)
2002 Schoonhoven ”Silver as Water” (Netherlands)
2003 Nimes ”Biennale du Bijou” (France)
2004 Munich “Schmuck mit Original-Mineralien“ (Germany)
2006 Munich Inhorgenta “Forum Silversmiths“ (Germany)
Legnica (Polland)
Ribnitz-Damgarten (Germany)
Idar-Obestein (Germany)
České Budějovice “Intersalon 2006“ (Czech Republic)
2007 Berlin, Hannover “Hommage à Angela“ (Germany)
Legnica (Polland)
Wasserschloss Klaffenbach “Becher–Paar–Becher“ (Germany)
Idar-Oberstein (Germany)
České Budějovice “ Czech Art Festival“ (Czech Republic)

Participation in Collections:

Private collections in Czech Republic and abroad, Západočeské muzeum v Plzni (CZ), Muzeum Beskyd Frýdek-Místek(CZ).

In 1990, I established my jewellery studio in Plzeň and since then I have been perfecting my own jewellery designs. My favourite material is reticulated silver. Non-smoothing and usually non-bright surfaces are typical for my jewellery and also larger objects. It is possible to create very interesting reliefs by arranging differently shaped slices and wires. The jewellery gets its plasticity first by an oxidisation in the finish and then by polishing the protruding parts. The jewel's surface is not boring and it is interesting to the eye and touch. Now and again I use a narrow golden line or segment to freshen up the play of lustres and dark shades in my silver work. Other times the metallic material and quiet colours are emphasized by the use of coloured or shining stones, enamel, silk…

The vast majority of my jewellery uses gems. Stones are ravishing creations of nature. I am captivated by them and also inspired by their varied colours, shapes, structures… I set faceted or tumbled stones and cabochons and often use them in their natural state too. Beauty is hidden in each of them. It can be seen in its natural state or be found after cutting. I think about the stone while designing and creating and try not to hurt it but to keep its magic. For many years I have set in my jewellery stones cutting by Stanislav Winkelhöfer (SW) ( and in the last few years also gemstones by Radek Mikule (RM) (

Apart from jewellery, I also design and make small decorative objects, mainly candlesticks, but also small vases, bowls, paperweights, saltshakers and match boxes . . .

Since 1997, I have been working in conjunction with fashion design studio ‘ŠaT’ ( in Cheb. Together we organise several fashion shows throughout the year in different parts of the country and twice a year (Spring and Fall) exhibitions at my workshop in Plzeň. Using only natural materials - mainly linen, wool and silk is typical for this studio. I admire ‘ŠaT’ for its sensitive work with material, fresh and wearable ideas and also high-quality tailoring. We have created a number of designs -“jeweldresses”- where an intrinsic part of the dress is a silver or gemstone (detachable) jewel. For other ‘ŠaT’ designs I have created silver or stone buttons.

All objects made out of precious metals are by law struck with my trademark L.V which is registered with the Assay Office of the Czech Republic.

Regular exhibitions in the following Galleries:

Prodejní galerie ŠaT, Cheb, Židovská 9,
Galerie KusKovu, Praha 1, Biskupská 6,
Galerie Lazarská, Praha 1, Lazarská 7,